San Francisco Second Half Marathon Week 2 Training Recap

This was a pretty amazing week. I excited about where things are heading.

Monday easy run
I did my best to keep my pace lower than I normally want. I felt good throughout the run. Plus, my pace ended up being better than I expected. (That’s probably due to the strides at the end of the run.)

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + NTC
I tried to pick an easier NTC workout so I wouldn’t (hopefully) be as sore for Wednesday’s speedwork. I still ended up with a good, sweaty one. I have to remember that strength training will make me stronger and that can only benefit my running.

Wednesday First ever track workout
This may have been my first ever track work out but it will not be my last. I was nervous going into this workout since it was a test to see if my goal pace for Saturday’s 5k is reasonable or not. I remembered to manually lap my Garmin so I could see accurate splits. The first interval (5 minutes at a 7:00 pace) was all about trying to figure out what that pace felt like and how to maintain it. Actual? 7:04. The intervals kept getting better from there. I clocked the 2nd and 3rd intervals at 6:59 and 6:53. Then came the final interval. I knew it would be tough but I determined that I was going to go for it. (I have this problem with goal paces. I tend to go under them to my detriment. Hopefully I’ll get a little bit better at maintaining my pace.) I practically sprinted the last interval, at least that’s what it felt like. (Although at one point, another guy on the track came speeding past me and left me in his dust when my Garmin said that my pace was 6:30!) I ran the final interval at 6:48.
While this workout was hard and made me wonder why I want to race this 5k (5ks hurt!) I absolutely loved it. There’s just something addicting about the track that’ll keep me coming back. (Watching the sunrise while I ran didn’t hurt either.)

Thursday easy run
I wanted to go faster but stuck to my coach’s instructions of taking it easy. Wednesday’s run was tough.

Friday stationary bike
This ride went by fairly quickly. Like usual I tried to push it just a little harder to keep improving my time/distance. Before I started I set a goal of 17 miles but knew that would be tough to reach. For some reason, I had the distance of 16.80 in my mind as the longest I’ve gone on one of these rides. Turns out that the farthest I’ve actually gone is 16.20 so I blew that out of the water. I sprinted towards the end to get as close as possible. Probably not the smartest idea the day before a 5k PR attempt but it’ll be okay.

Saturday Covenant Race for Adoption 5k + 7 miles
Like I said on dailymile…
Lauren Fleshman is right. 5ks are “freaking awesome!”

Sunday rest
Taking it easy is never hard.


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