San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon Week 3 Training Recap

I got ahead of myself last week in the training week numbers. I might be a little excited about this race.

Monday easy run
My legs felt more fatigued than I expected. That’s likely due to a combination of the hard work Saturday, an imperfect night of sleep, and the “wonderful” humidity. I tried to focus on keeping it easy but can’t wait until my easy pace is a little faster.

Tuesday stationary bike warm up + NTC
I wasn’t mentally engaged in this work out. It was a good workout but I’d like to do it again and see how much I get out of it when I am mentally engaged.

Wednesday track intervals
I take back what I said about 5ks being hard. It’s actually 400m intervals that are hard. The goal was 1:40-1:41 for each interval. I made that mark on 6 out of 12. I started off too fast having no gauge of what effort would get me around the track in that time. By the time I finished the first 4 intervals I wondered how I would possibly complete the remaining 8. (3 out of 4 at goal pace) I walked the recovery 200m after the 4th interval and then started up again. The middle 4 were tough but once they were done only 4 remained. (2 out of 4 at goal pace) I tried so hard to get to goal pace on the last 4 intervals and kept getting 1:44 for the first three. Well, I figured out that pace. 🙂 I pushed it as hard as I could on the final interval and was so happy to get 1:41.
I may have hated the workout while doing it but spent most of the cool down run wanting more.

Thursday easy recovery run
My legs felt a little heavy at the beginning but after a few minutes they warmed up and the rest of the run passed without incident. I ran inside because of thunderstorm potential and actual rain.

Friday stationary bike
A rough night of sleep led to my body just not wanting to wake up. I took it easy and had to laugh when I pulled the magazine away to see how far I’d ridden. Hopefully next week will be better.

Saturday long run with fast finish
This workout just had me wanting more.

Sunday rest
This is easy to do when I get started watching Eureka. 🙂

Once again, I finished this week ready for more. I hope that feeling will continue throughout the training plan.


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