San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon Week 4 Training Recap

Each week brings more new things and a little more milage. I can’t wait see what comes next.

Monday tempo run
Tempo runs make me work. I have to concentrate the entire time because the moment I don’t my pace slows. In the second half of the tempo I started to feel it and wanted to relax but told myself to keep pushing. I think the average of the total tempo portion might have been a second or two too fast but I’ll take it.

Tuesday stationary bike + NTC
My training plan called for 20 minutes of abs so I chose one of the 15 minute NTC workouts focused on abs and then added 5 minutes. I knew it would be hard because my abs are so weak. I was right. I foresee many ab workouts in my future.

Wednesday medium intervals
I’ve got a lot to learn when it comes to track workouts and intervals. Out of 6 intervals I managed to get the last 2 at the prescribed pace. My first interval, however, was 13 seconds off pace. I ran each subsequent interval faster as I figured out how to figure out if I was on pace at different points during the interval.

Thursday easy run
Legs felt heavy for the first couple miles but after they warmed up the rest of the run felt pretty good especially considering Wednesday’s tough track work out.

Friday stationary bike
Riding the stationary bike is a whole lot easier when you don’t feel like you’re going to fall asleep while pedaling. 🙂 This ride went well even though I ran out of reading material about halfway into the ride. I finished with a nice sprint.

Saturday easy long run
Thanks to work this morning (first Saturday since September!) I got started before the sun came up like on weekdays. I did a short 15 minute out and back so I could drop off my headlamp. I felt so much better when I started the second (longer) half thanks to the sun coming up. I may run when it’s dark but I feel so much better when it’s light out. I didn’t push it today, just tried to run strong and finished well. I can’t wait for more!

Sunday rest
While I’d rather be running, I did enjoy the break.


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