Jeni 1, Weather 0

On paper, the weather today spelled near disaster for my run. I’ve mentioned many times in the past how poorly I tend to perform in warm, humid weather. That was today’s weather in a nutshell. The temps started at 71 and I’m sure they just got hotter. The air was so humid I was literally running through a cloud. I’m not exaggerating. I felt the water.

I didn’t dwell on that. In fact, I thought very little about it. Armed with my trusty amphipod handheld water bottle-love that thing!-I headed out for a nice 90 minute long run with some speed work in the last thirty minutes.

Throughout the run I felt really strong and kept wondering how on earth I was running so well in this weather. I even ran part of my old (super hilly) route in the first half hour and felt amazing. The hills didn’t seem to phase me.

Even before I started the “speedwork” portion of the long run, I knew that this run was one of my best long runs in a while.

Then it came time for the “speedwork.” I didn’t have any prescribed paces that I needed to hit, just the generic qualifiers of “hard” and “easy,” each for three minutes. I wanted pace specifications at first but then just focused on really performing up to my definitions of those words.

The “speedwork” portion was hard, especially since I had already run 60 minutes. I know it’s good for me though because these kinds of runs target one of my biggest weaknesses, going out too fast and leaving nothing for the end.

It was so hard. I loved it, absolutely loved it. I especially loved the fact that I managed to cover almost half a mile more than last week when I ran five minutes longer.

I can’t wait for what next week brings.



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