San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon Week Week 5

Another great week of training… (aka I’m running out of things to say)

Here’s how the week went down…

Monday tempo run
Every tempo run is a learning experience. After having shied away from them for so long, I have a lot to learn. This tempo run was pretty good, almost exactly on pace. The first two miles of the tempo were a few seconds slower than the prescribed pace but I made up for it on the last portion (slightly less than a mile). I think my overall average for the tempo portion was only a second or two slower than where it needed to be. I still struggle to find a pace and lock on which means that my pace within each mile was not steady. It’s easy to find excuses to slow down but I wouldn’t let myself make them on this run. If I want to get to Boston, it’s time to put in the work. The last portion of the tempo included a fairly significant hill and I determined before the run started that I wouldn’t let that hill get the best of me. I think I maintained my best pace up that hill and fest stronger after I finished. I absolutely loved this run! (Although, I could have done without nearly stepping on a rat that decided to cross right in front of me. Gives me the willies just thinking about it.)

Tuesday stationary bike + NTC
The plan called for 20 minutes of abs again so I did the same NTC workout. This time I decided that I wanted to try to do it without modifications as much as possible. Unfortunately, I forgot sunscreen yesterday so while I watched the Braves and Red Sox play, I slowly roasted. I did better with this workout than I thought I would. While I felt off at first, as the workout progressed I felt like I got stronger. Maybe I’m getting the hang of this.

Wednesday mile intervals
Oops. I ran these mile intervals a little too fast. Through these three intervals I was surprised at how “easy” that pace felt and did not trust myself to back away from that pace to try to get the prescribed pace of 7:20. I’ve definitely got a long way to go when it comes to fine-tuning my “internal Garmin.” The strides afterwards were pretty fun too.

Thursday recovery/easy run
This was a nice, easy run. I felt great throughout the run and even indulged in a little bit of speed at the end. (I couldn’t help it even though I probably shouldn’t have.)

Friday stationary bike rest
After getting to the gym late, finding out that the internet needed to be rebooted and the front desk person didn’t know where it was, and having no back magazines with which to distract myself I decided to call it a day. I’ll try again next week. 🙂

Saturday long run
I loved this run!

Sunday rest
I rested but was more than ready to move on to the next week of training.


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