San Francisco Second Half Marathon Week 6 Training Recap

This was a fabulous week of training, definitely not easy but that’s what made it so awesome. Week 7 is also race week for the Sunrise 8k (more coming later on that) so I’m excited to see what it brings.

Monday tempo intervals
I loved this run. The intervals were hard but I was determined to run them at the prescribed pace. I missed the mark only on the first one. It took a little longer after the warm up to get up to speed. The other four I managed to run right at or a little bit faster than the prescribed pace. I know I should really work on nailing that pace but it’s harder than one would think. 🙂 The last interval nearly killed me or at least it felt like that, probably because I finished it by running up a hill. I still want more.

Tuesday stationary bike + NTC abs
I should really stop saying how much I need more ab work. (I think my coach is listening ;)) This workout went well. I hope to try out some of NTC’s other ab workout offerings soon. (I just need to preview them first so I don’t waste half the workout trying to figure out how to do the exercises.) My abs started complaining early on in this workout but I kept pushing. I think (and hope) that I’m getting stronger.

Wednesday track intervals
I loved having a tough track workout on National Running Day. These intervals (1000m) were hard but I was determined to get them as close to (if not right at) prescribed pace. I was so close on the first four, only 1 second behind pace. Something clicked on the last three when I managed to finish them 5, 8 and 9 seconds (respectively) ahead of pace. Whoops. I definitely need to work on pacing. Sadly, this will be my last track workout for two weeks because my local track is closed for renovations. I will be so excited to get back once it reopens.

Thursday easy recovery run
I needed the recovery run. Thanks to a combination of a tough track workout Wednesday, not enough sleep the night before and the ever present humidity, my legs (and whole body) were pretty tired. I took it easy through this run yet somehow managed negative splits. (I really have no idea how that happened.)

Friday stationary bike + NTC abs
The ride went well and quickly. (Maybe I should watch TV episodes on my iPad for rides more often. :D)
I tried out a new 15 minute ab workout today. This one was so hard! I knew that I would have some good DOMS Saturday and I was right. Hooray for getting stronger!

Saturday long run (progression)
Once again, a Saturday shift at work means no blog post for the day. On the flip side, it also meant that I got in 11.5 miles before 7 am on a Saturday.
This was a great run despite the incredible humidity. I’d forgotten just how much I can sweat. 🙂 This was, possibly, my first ever progression run and I loved it. I, of course, had trouble sticking to the prescribed pace for each quarter but managed to get the average for each quarter at or really close/a little faster than the prescribed pace. I definitely felt the pace during the last 10 minutes.

Sunday rest
I took advantage of the rest day for sure. Heat and humidity make long run days even more draining. Plus, I wanted to make sure I was rested in advance of speedwork Monday.


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