San Francisco Second Half Marathon Week 7 Training Recap

I’m absolutely loving this training cycle. For the first time since I started running almost (only!) four years ago, I feel like I’m actually training for something.

Each workout has a specifically designed purpose. With the exception of the easy/recovery runs, these workouts are tough. They challenge me each time I set out. For so long I’ve backed away from that challenge. The description on a piece of paper intimidated me. Now? Those workouts still intimidate me a bit but I head out ready to tackle the challenge. After all, I am paying for this. 🙂

I’m also seeing results. Hard work pays off.

Monday intervals
I miss the track. I say that after having never used it until 6 weeks ago. When I started this run (outside), I debated heading inside to the treadmill so I could take out the hill factor. (My regular route has very few flat sections that last beyond a hundred meters.) That’s what I ended up doing. I know that that makes the intervals a little easier but I don’t plan on making it a habit. I also realized that when I thought I was doing “speedwork” in previous cycles, I really wasn’t.

Tuesday recovery run + stationary bike + NTC abs
My legs definitely felt Monday’s speedwork. It took a little while to get warmed up but after I did I felt pretty good.
After the run I got on the bike, a reverse brick of sorts. I felt great on the bike and wanted to go longer but I still had ab work to do.
By the time I got to strength training I was wiped. I chose the easiest ab workout but it still kicked my butt.

Wednesday recovery/easy run
My legs did not feel fresh at all on this run. It took a couple miles to get warmed up. Even after that, this run never felt easy but I don’t mind. Actually, it did get a little easier when I started daydreaming about winning a 5k that takes place at my alma mater in November. Hmm…

Thursday easy run with some short intervals at end
My legs weren’t as fresh at the start of this run as I would have liked but after a little while I felt pretty good. I did the math wrong on the turn around point so this run was a little bit longer than it was supposed to be. At the end I added three intervals (no specific pace, just hard) felt great and confident about the 8k

Friday stationary bike (easy)
This was a nice easy ride. I think I should read articles about the 2014 Boston Marathon every month or so to get my motivation going. It’s like a shot of adrenaline.

Saturday Sunrise Run 8k
These are the best kind of races. They hurt like crazy while you’re running but you finish in a time you never thought possible. (Hopefully I’ll be able to do it again in three weeks at the Red, White and Blue Shoes 5k. I want that sub 22!)

Sunday rest
These days are always enjoyed, especially the bit about sleeping in past 6:30.


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