Shoes and Twinges

(This was supposed to publish last week. Whoops.)

The most important piece of equipment for a runner is the shoe. I find it funny how quickly I forget that.

I have this tendency to look right past the obvious “are your shoes too old?” question when trying to self-diagnose a twinge or odd ache.

A couple weeks ago I had one of those twinges, an out of the blue tightening around my left knee. Of course, my first instinct was to panic but thankfully that didn’t last too long. I launched right into foam rolling and stretching, skipping right over checking the mileage on my shoes.

The twinge receded but never truly went away. I knew it was there and couldn’t figure out what it was, what had caused it and what would make it go away.

Then I got my next paycheck. I had already been planning on purchasing a new pair of shoes with it, knowing that I’d need at least one (probably two) more pairs during this training cycle.

Before I headed over to Greenville Running Company (best running store in town and no, they didn’t pay me to say that) I checked my running log. Oops, I had 325 miles on these shoes, not 2xx like I thought. I usually like to get closer to 400 miles but On CloudRacers are pretty close to racing flats.

When the next week of training started I wore the new pair for my speed work session so I could break them in before Sunrise. The next day I went back to the old pair for a few more miles. Almost instantly I could feel a difference. I felt “creaky” and more importantly, I could feel a slight twinge over my left knee.

Lesson learned. There’s a reason that shoe mileage/fit is usually the first probable cause for aches and twinges.

Since I still love the CloudRacers, I may look into getting a more substantial shoe for regular runs since I have higher mileage on the horizon. Having good shoes is important and I don’t want to jeopardize my training wih potential injury because I’m too much of a cheapskate b


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