San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon Week 8

Another fun week of training. This is definitely one of my favorite training cycles so far.

Monday recovery run
I expected my legs to feel at least a little bit trashed after Saturday’s PR effort. (They certainly did after the 5k a few weeks ago.) I was pleasantly surprised. After the first mile or so I actually felt fabulous. and couldn’t help getting a little faster with each mile. That’s right. I negative split this run. Who does that? I love the fact that for the first time in my running career I’m getting faster in the summer despite the humidity.

Tuesday easy run + stationary bike + NTC ab workout
This was an average run, nothing bad but nothing extraordinary.
Once again, I loved the ride. I had to push it a little at the end to get to 5.5 but loved it.
I “wimped” out and chose the “easy” abs workout again. Maybe when I can complete it without any modifications at all I’ll move on to a tougher one.

Wednesday “track” intervals
Since I still don’t have access to the track (this week hopefully!) I ended up running these intervals on the treadmill. It took me forever to decide whether I was going to run inside and try to hit the exact distance in the prescribed time or run outside and run the intervals by effort not exact distance. I debated up until making the turn to head into the gym. I cannot wait to get back to the track next week (and hope that everybody follows the rules so Greenville County doesn’t make the school cut off access.)
These intervals were hard! When I figured out that I needed to hold a 6:40ish pace for these intervals I was a bit intimidated. That’s what I need though. I’ve got a second attempt at a sub 22 5k in 2.5 weeks and a sub 1:40 half marathon attempt three weeks after that!

Thursday easy/recovery run
I definitely felt Wednesday’s intervals when I first started this run. It took a couple miles (aka until just over halfway) to warm up. After I did though, I felt great. I even indulged in a slightly faster pace which I probably shouldn’t have. It was so much fun though.

Friday stationary bike
This ride was great. It went by quickly. I didn’t think I was pushing but ended up with the longest distance (in this amount of time) that I’ve logged in a while, if not ever. This pretty much cemented my plan to rent a bike while I’m at the beach. I can’t wait to get out there and explore!

Saturday long run
When I started this run (many hours before I was able to write about it) I was not feeling it. I felt sluggish and not into the run. I just wanted to get it done. It took a while but I finally got into the run. By the time I got to the last twenty minutes and the fast finish I didn’t want to stop. The idea of ultramarathons is really appealing right now.

Sunday rest
It’s always nice when my schedule helps me make sure that a rest day is actually a rest day. 😉


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