Racing the Mile

Tuesday I had the opportunity to race the mile at the GTC sponsored Furman All-Comers track meet. I hadn’t attended previously because of my work schedule but I made it work this time because it’s part of some testing that I get to be part of. (More on that to come soon, hopefully.)

I dashed out of work right at 6:30 and made it to Furman only a few minutes before my heart. Obviously, I had very little time for a warm up.

After talking briefly with Matt (who clocked a 5:10 by the way) I made my goal 6:45. I had no idea whether that was reasonable for me or not. Turns out that I underestimated myself again.

I wish I had hit the lap button so I could have splits for each lap around the track. I’ll remember that next time. (Yes, there is definitely going to be a next time. I just don’t know the date.)

As usual, I took off way too fast. I knew that without looking at my Garmin simply because I wasn’t that far behind Matt. I told myself to slow down or I would burn out. That first lap nearly did me in. I couldn’t fathom how I would get through three more.

The second lap started with more of the same, too fast pace. I tried to slow down but not so much that I would miss my goal time. That time of measured speed decrease is difficult to manage when all the blood is rushing away from your brain.

By the time the third lap started I was in a world of hurt. I think the only part of me that wanted to keep going was my stubborn competitive nature. I tried to ease up just a bit and felt a little better but not much.

Just after I started the fourth and final lap. I heard the announcer say that the winner had almost finished. That could have been discouraging but given that he finished in 4:30, it wasn’t that bad.

When I was on the back stretch, the first female finished. I don’t remember her time because all I could think about was making it to that line. I put on a bit of a sprint but it probably wasn’t much faster that I had been going.

Final verdict?
That happened. #sub630mile #booyah

Yeah, I still haven’t been able to pick my jaw off the ground. Matt’s response? Looks like we’ll need to step up your training. (Phrasing is approximate. I don’t think the blood had returned to my head yet when he made the comment.)

I am absolutely thrilled with this result and have the crazy dream of a 5:59 dancing in my head now.

(P.S. It took me 4 times as long to write this post as it did to run that mile.)



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4 responses to “Racing the Mile

  1. David Mercier

    Very cool. Congrads.

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