San Francisco Second Half Marathon Week 9 Training Recap

The heat and humidity got the better of me this week, mentally. It’s a mental battle for me and I didn’t put up a good fight. There’s always next week.

Monday easy run
It took a while to get going on this run, much longer than I wanted. I’m not sure why. It was just one of those runs. I did enjoy the fast finish though.

Tuesday stationary bike + NTC abs, morning; mile at Furman all comers meet
This was a good ride. I didn’t push as hard the past few times but still liked it.
I think I may finally be able to complete the easiest ab workout on the app without modification.
The mile was amazing. I had no idea that I could run this fast.

Wednesday easy run with some hard effort intervals at end
The awful humidity (you know it’s going to be bad when you can feel it just by opening the garage door) plus Tuesday’s hard effort combined for a really sluggish effort. I was able to negative split the three hard effort intervals I had at the end.

Thursday long run
I had to do my long run Thursday since I participated in some testing on Saturday. My legs definitely felt the four days in a row of work including the hard mile effort. Add in 71 degrees plus 75% humidity and my pace was much slower than I normally want. Towards the end though I tried to get a little bit more and finished fairly strong. I will enjoy cross-training tomorrow for sure.

Friday stationary bike
This was a good ride. The AC’s not great at the gym (I like to say that it’s because they try to match the weather outside but only when it’s hot. 😉 so I worked up a sweat. I can’t wait until the week after next when I get to ride at the beach.

Saturday VO2 max + lactate threshold testing, cool down
This run took shape in two parts. The first part consisted of VO2 max + lactate threshold testing. (Hopefully I’ll be writing a post on this to come later in the week.) The second part was a “cool down” run. The only problem was that I started this around 12:30 pm. (The testing wasn’t scheduled until 11am.) The only part of this run that was a “cool down” was the pace. I also had to deal with a random Garmin shut off that ended up prompting me to get a 220. (I’ve already been playing with it and geeking out a bit.)
This wasn’t the greatest run and it felt a little odd to not do a long run but I got it done. Training’s getting real now!

Sunday rest
I really enjoyed the day off. I didn’t give week 9 a full effort (except for the mile) so I’m ready to dive back in for week 10.


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