San Francisco Second Half Marathon Week 10 Training Recaps

Weeks that include a massive, hard-earned PR are just that much sweeter.

Monday easy run with hill intervals at the end.
This run was much better than most of the prior week’s. I reminded myself at the start of the run that I’m determined to win this week’s mental battle. I also learned that the way to really conquer hated hills is to do hill repeats at 95% effort. Those were fun.

Tuesday short intervals
Intervals were on Tuesday today due to Friday’s 5k. The lines on the newly renovated track haven’t been painted yet so that makes 400m intervals difficult (not to mention the 100/200m rest intervals) to determine so I ran on the treadmill. These intervals were super hard, as they should be. I took a slightly longer break after the 4th and 8th but managed to get them all done. So much fun!

Wednesday recovery run + abs
I felt pretty good for most of this run. My gut wasn’t happy around the middle of the run but thankfully it felt better before I finished. The second half of the run felt pretty good actually. It was a bit nerve-wracking to think that the next run was the 5k.
The ab workout felt extra difficult today since I did it after a 50 minute run. I did try to push and actually liked it.

Thursday stationary bike
I love it when rides go by quickly. This was a good ride. I loved the “sprint” I threw on at the end

Friday Red, White and Blue Shoes 5k
PRs like this one are simply the best.

Saturday rest – travel
I thought about squeezing in my long run before we left so that I could keep my long runs on Saturday. In the end, it worked out better to shift the run to Sunday, especially since I got to run at the beach.

Sunday long run
There’s just something about running at Hilton Head. There was so much humidity that I had to peel my socks off when I got back to the house. The run itself was awesome though. I felt a bit sluggish to start. (The first mile split was 9:46, the slowest of the run.) Gradually I fell into a good rhythm with this run and even though I was so wet I looked like I had been swimming, I absolutely loved the run. I kept feeling surprised that I felt so strong while running in 100% humidity. I’ll take a few more runs like this one.


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