A Running Lab Rat

(Whoops…this post has taken a bit longer to get up than I expected.)

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to run on a treadmill while hooked up to an oxygen measuring machine and get my fingers pricked every few minutes. Despite what that sounds like, it really was an opportunity. Instead of detailing the events in chronological order, I’ll share some of the lessons I learned.

One, the mask, while not quite as intimidating as I imagined, takes quite a bit of time to get used to, even just a little. If you ever have the opportunity to wear one of these masks be prepared for a slightly claustrophobic sensation as well as the odd sensation of sweat dripping and clinging to your nose.

Two, I am addicted to knowing the exact distance I’ve run. I assumed that the treadmill would keep tracking the total distance through the whole workout but that turned out not to be the case. I then figured that the equipment would have some sort of total. Nope. It’s almost two weeks later and I still don’t know. (Side note: the trouble I had with my Garmin shutting off during my cool down run led directly to the purchase of the 220. I need to know how much distance I’ve traveled.)

Three, I am a wimp when it comes to hills. When I finished the next to last interval, the one at max speed, I should have known that another identical interval was too good to be true. Twenty seconds later (or something like that…the details are fuzzy) they bumped up the incline. Before the interval ended, they bumped up the incline twice more. I was begging (silently because I wasn’t supposed to talk) for it to be over. I made it but it wasn’t pretty. The study director said my heart rate got up over 200 bpm. I have no trouble believing him.

I had hoped to close this entry with a little bit of the actual data but that hasn’t been sent. All in all, participating in this study has been pretty fun. I just hope that eventually I’ll get to see the data.



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3 responses to “A Running Lab Rat

  1. That is really interesting – I’ve always wanted to do something like that. How did you come across this opportunity?

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