San Francisco Second Half Marathon Week 11 Race Recap

Most of this week’s runs happened while on vacation. I think that no matter how hard one tries to keep out the vacation mindset while training, it’s impossible to do. I lost focus just a bit and it showed on the runs where I had to really push it for a particular pace. (I have ideas/plans for a separate post about this which will hopefully come later this week.)

This week also included long (for me) rides Monday through Thursday but I won’t recap those.

So…how did these runs turn out?

Monday easy run with strides
Once again, I was sluggish to start but I think that’s to be expected in this kind of humidity. After I got going though I felt great. It’s so weird too because usually humidity (especially as much as we have) usually drains me and leaves me feeling dissatisfied with my run. That’s definitely not the case lately! I may have been dripping with sweat but I absolutely loved this run and couldn’t wait for more!

Tuesday long (2 mile) intervals
This was a tough run. I knew that Monday when my legs were a bit sore that afternoon. (I thought then that it was because of the bike ride itself but now I believe it to be because I used a bike that was a bit too short for me. A simple switch to the other bike kept it from happening again.) My legs did not want to cooperate when I started. As the 20 minutes of the warm up waned, I wondered how I was going to be able to get in 3 2 mile intervals completed at a 7:40 pace. I managed to complete the first set as prescribed but felt a bit like death warmed over. I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel so I altered the plan. This was my third day in a row of running. The temps were in the mid to upper 70s and combined with significant humidity. I walked on the recovery intervals. I also changed up the remaining two intervals and made them mile intervals rather than two mile intervals. I even gave myself permission to run a little slower than 7:40. I managed to take myself up on that offer only twice. All the other miles were just under a 7:40 pace. This may not have been my favorite speedwork session but as I kept reminding myself, it’s training in the bank.

Wednesday EASY run
Coach put “easy” in all caps on the training plan so I figured it was important. I definitely took it easy today (no miles above 9:30) and enjoyed the run.

Thursday easy ride
I took it easy today. This was my actual workout instead of just an addition. I had a pretty intense tempo run coming up and wanted to make sure not to wear myself out on a ride the day before.

Friday AT tempo
It was supposed to be 45 minutes at a 7:40 pace. I didn’t quite make it but I’m okay with that. The humidity was practically off the charts. While I didn’t quite make the 7:40 pace (came close with splits of 7:41, 7:53, 7:49, 7:42, 7:48 and 7:34) I felt much stronger than I did on Tuesday’s long intervals. (I felt like I was about to die to keep up that pace on those miles.) Granted, I did stop three times at street crossings and once at the turn around point so it wasn’t an uninterrupted tempo run but I got it done.

Saturday rest – travel
I would have much rather gotten my long run in on Saturday but it wouldn’t have worked. Instead I had a lazy morning and a long day of travel home.

Sunday long run with half marathon pace intervals
I’m a little disappointed in my paces. I didn’t hit 7:40 on any of them: 8:01, 8:04, 7:57, 7:46, 7:57, 8:02, 7:47, 7:53. I should have figured out how much of a mile I would cover in 6 minutes at a 7:40 pace because the pace on my Garmin kept fluctuating more than 40 seconds every time I looked at it. (My only guess as to why it did this today after not doing anything like it down at Hilton Head is a satellite thing. Maybe my Garmin was being wonky after traveling several hundred miles. It’s more likely to be user error though.) I should have known that my pace was too slow (closer to 8 than 7:40) based on effort because it didn’t feel quite as hard as I thought it would/should. The hills nearly did me in after a week without any. I did manage to complete my last interval at the prescribed 90% effort which, thankfully, was faster than a 7:40 pace. I could “blame” the Garmin or the hills or the heat/humidity but I just didn’t push myself quite as hard as I needed to on this run. Two weeks until San Francisco. I’m rededicating myself to making each workout count.


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