Training on Vacation

I’ve been running regularly for nearly 4 years now. (That seems so long and short at the same time. That’s for another post though.) That means that last week was the fourth summer vacation that included setting my alarm (albeit later than normal) so that I could start my day with a workout, usually running.

Vacation running this time around was a bit different. This year, vacation week coincided with a peak training week. In the past it’s usually been part either of a recovery cycle or an early base building period.

Going into last week I determined jar I would still complete all my runs as prescribed and in the BQ-bound mindset.

It is far too easy to get sucked into vacation mode though. While last week’s training wasn’t lazy, “vacation mode” definitely affected all the other aspects of training. Let me explain.

Looking back I know exactly where I went wrong. Two key things (beyond the simple vacation mindset) made all the difference. Eating and drinking.

Even though I know it’s critical to stay hydrated, especially in severely hot and humid weather, I couldn’t bring myself to drink more. When I’m out of my regimented work routine I tend to forget about it. I did drink plenty of diet Dr. Pepper but that’s not saying much.

I also ate all the junk food we had, or pretty close to it. I got out of my normal routine and didn’t make the effort to try to come up with something at least remotely healthy for lunch. The amount of sugar I ate… Well, I’ll leave it there.

To sum up this rambling reflection, I learned (or rather relearned) that there’s much more to getting faster than running alone. I have extra motivation now to clean up my diet and extend my water drinking habit to the weekend.


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