San Francisco Second Half Marathon Week 12 Training Recap

A good word to describe this week would be “excuses.” I could also say that I lost focus a bit. That’s not to say that training was bad; it just wasn’t as good as it could have been. In the harder runs this week, I gave myself an out, excusing myself from pushing past my comfort zone. I’ve learned my lesson. I’ve also stopped giving myself a hard time after the fact. Only a few runs now remain between now and the half marathon on Sunday.

Monday easy run
This run felt pretty good considering the hard workout Sunday. Part of me wondered if the relative ease of the run is due to not going quite hard enough Sunday. It’s more likely because I ran fairly slowly and not for very long. I managed to negative split the run but only because it was so short I was done before I really got warmed up.

Tuesday short intervals
My legs felt really sluggish when I first started running. Thankfully I had 20 minutes to warm up. I had hoped to use the track but apparently even though they say that it’s still open for public use, the gates are locked. I will be really, really sad if I’m not able to use it again. I ended up running the intervals on the treadmill. The one thing I like about treadmill intervals is the fact that running them at prescribed pace is a bit easier. (The treadmill does the mental work for me.) The intervals themselves were rather hard, just as they should be. I did pause during two different recovery intervals but otherwise managed to complete the intervals as prescribed.

Wednesday easy run
I definitely took it easy on this run since it was the fourth day in a row of running and the day after a tough speedwork session. My legs definitely felt the work that I’ve put them through. Towards the end I entertained thoughts of trying to get a bit more mileage but forced myself to keep taking it easy.

Thursday stationary bike + NTC abs
The ride went well though I definitely missed (and still do) riding outside on Hilton Head’s trails.
Since I was a bit on the sleepy side I chose the abs workout I’ve done most often. I tried to pick it up a notch but think that I need to start changing it up soon to get the most benefit.

Friday tempo plus short intervals
I ran inside because it was pouring when I woke up. My legs were sluggish at first. I’m wondering if it’s the shoes because I get a similar feeling at the start of every run with the CloudRacers. The tempo part was tough as it should be. I did take two breaks so that I could drink some water without choking. I had planned to take 3, one every 5 minutes but found that I didn’t need to. I probably didn’t really need to take the two that I did. I finished off the run with some short intervals and absolutely loved them. I felt really strong through those.

Saturday progression run
I ran inside thanks to steady rain. The first half of the run was at easy pace. I probably could have gone just a tad faster through that section but I’m okay with what I ran in that first part. According to my training plan I was supposed to run 7:35 for the last 4ish miles. After halfway I increased the speed every quarter mile which worked but didn’t get me to the target speed as soon as I thought it would. Once I got to the target speed which ended up being 7:41 because the next point up on the treadmill would be “too fast” I immediately told myself that there was no way that I would be able to finish 20 more minutes at that speed. I did finish the 20 minutes but that was with the help of two pauses at each of the next two miles to drink some water. Those pauses were longer than I’d like but I got back on and finished it. I had hoped to be mentally stronger on this last “long run” before San Francisco next week. This was a good run. I just need to keep telling myself that.

Sunday rest
I’m trying really hard to be a good little runner and rest on my rest day. There’s no sense in putting in extra works just because.


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