Post San Francisco Round Up

First, I want to give a brief review of the expo and its new location.

I loved the surrounding area, Fort Mason. If you want a spot to take a fabulous picture of Alcatraz and the bay, this is the place to do it. However, inside of the expo was a mess.

At the old location bib and shirt pick up was in an elevated side corridor which then fed down into the main hall. From there it was easy to make a loop and see all the vendors.

This year everything was on the same level with bib and shirt pick up squashed in the back. Getting to it felt like swimming upstream. Trying to make a quick circuit to see all the vendors was also impossible. In my opinion, that does the vendors a disservice because it was so easy for a large percentage of expo attendees to miss vendors. I hope the organizers get this flow issue solved before next year.

Second, I want to talk a bit more about my results.

A few hours after I posted my recap the official results were posted.

My time got even better. 1:42:59.

Though the difference is only three seconds, it bumped me down into the 1:42:xx range. I’m pretty excited about that.

It gets better. I’m still in shock over these numbers.

Overall, I placed in the top 7%. For women, I finished in the top 3% and in my division, the top 3.5%.

I can’t believe it. Talk about a major motivation boost. Those are the kinds of numbers in a big city race that I never thought possible for myself.

That leads to my third point, embrace the suck.

During the race there were times that I doubted my ability and downgrades my performances. After seeing the above results I’m more than ready to embrace the suck.

Too often, when training gets hard, I don’t want to leave my comfort zone. If I stay in that zone. If I stay there, I plateau.

That’s where the mental part of running comes in. That (along with hills) is where I plan to concentrate hardest during the next few weeks before TCM. I may not BQ this time (though I am most certainly going to try) but I know that I will become a better and stronger runner both physically and mentally.


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