Twin Cities Marathon (TCM) Week 1 Training Recap

This week served as a transition/recovery period between the half marathon and the full.

Most of these workouts were super easy. At first I deeply regretted “giving up” a week of training since I have only 10 (now 9) weeks between the two races. As I recovered from last Sunday’s hard effort I realized that this recovery period was critical to effective marathon training. My nose is back to the grindstone for the upcoming week. (My coach even used my new catchphrase “embrace the suck” to describe a couple hard back to back workouts.

Monday rest/travel
I don’t think there’s any way I could have possibly moved my legs in a running fashion Monday. On top of the previous day’s hard effort, a lackluster “night” of sleep on the plane necessitated the rest day.

Tuesday easy run
Coach had walking on the (flexible) plan but I wanted to run again so I took it very easy as in a 10 minute pace on the treadmill to take out the hill factor. My quads felt pretty trashed Monday and had just started to feel better. I had forgotten about how hard on the quads San Francisco is. A good night’s sleep helped considerably.

Wednesday easy run
I ran on the treadmill again to continue to take it easy. I did bump the speed up just a tad and ran about 20 minute longer than Tuesday. I felt great the entire time.

Thursday stationary bike at gym
I felt spectacular through the whole ride and tried to push it to get to 17 miles falling just short with 16.95.

Friday easy run
I felt really good throughout this entire run. The cycling Thursday really helped. After that work out I didn’t feel any lingering soreness. I hate that I had to run on the treadmill again–I don’t mess around with possible thunderstorms–because I’m pretty sure that my left IT band doesn’t like the treadmill. Overall though, the run went well.

Saturday Run2Overcome 10k
Yes, I’m just a bit crazy.

Sunday rest
I enjoyed this rest day. Today (Monday) starts marathon training in earnest.


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