Twin Cities Marathon Week 3 Training Recap

I finished this week .04 short of 50 miles. The crazy part of me wanted to get that extra .04 in but I contented myself with 49.96.

Monday recovery run with hill intervals at end
My calves were still a little bit tight. Thankfully, they loosened up soon into the run. I kept it easy and enjoyed the run despite the 97% humidity. I will be very thankful when this passes. I also “loved” the fact that my splits got 30 seconds faster for my last two miles aka the miles I ran when the sun was up. There’s something about running in the dark that makes me slow. I finished up the run with hill intervals which were tough but I loved them.

Tuesday tempo intervals
I will be very happy when this humidity decides that it’s had enough and leaves. The tempo intervals were incredibly hard. I made my goal pace on the first and the last and was only 8-11 seconds off on the middle three. As soon as I started the first tempo interval, sweat started pouring out, literally. I kept pushing and breathed a sigh of relief when I finished the fifth interval by which time the sun started to come up. For me that means an increase of almost a minute in my pace with perceived effort staying about the same. Seriously, my pace for the warm up miles was just above 10. My pace for the cool down miles was just right around 9.

Wednesday easy run
I didn’t feel like dealing with the humidity so I took this run inside. I felt fantastic throughout the run.

Thursday stationary bike at gym
That distance (17.45) proves that last week wasn’t a fluke. The gym felt stuffier and warmer than usual which probably was the reason that occasionally throughout the ride I didn’t feel like pushing quite as hard. I still loved the ride though.

Friday tempo run
This was my best tempo yet. I actually hit my goal pace on one of the miles and came close a few other time. It was still incredibly hard, as a tempo run should be but I think I might be getting the hang of my least favorite time of speedwork.
Splits for tempo (goal of 7:40): 7:42, 8:25, 7:49, 7:40, 7:56, 8:00, 7:55, 7:44

Saturday long run (treadmill)
I’m not sure if I’ll be doing this again any time soon. 🙂

Sunday rest
I was so glad that I ran on Saturday. Complete rest days are wonderful.


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