Twin Cities Marathon Week 4 Training Recap

So close to 50 miles again but I did cover 28 miles in two days. I’m pretty pleased with that.

Monday easy/recovery run
I felt much strong on this run than I expected. I would have felt even better in less humidity. I’m more than ready for it to abate. For the strides at the end, I focused on staying strong and not positive splitting them. Success. Splits for the 4 strides: 7:17, 7:03, 6:51, 6:17

Tuesday tempo intervals
I ran on the treadmill because I just did not feel like dealing with the humidity and darkness. Plus, I was better able to make sure that I hit my goal pace. I did entertain a couple thoughts of taking a quick breather at the halfway point of the tempo but pushed that aside once I thought about how good I felt. It was hard but I could do it.

Wednesday easy run
I braved the humidity this time. Once again I’ll say that I will be ecstatic when this constant humidity goes away or at the very least, lower temperatures come through. I felt really good throughout the run, so good that I had to constantly hold myself back since this was supposed to be an easy run.

Thursday stationary bike
This was another great ride. I really wish that the gym could figure out a way to get the air moving so it’s not as stuffy. Other than that, I really enjoyed the ride.

Friday tempo run
When I walked outside to a wall of humidity, I decided to attempt this tempo run inside. Running inside meant that I was more likely to give myself a break or three. I could beat myself up for the three breaks that I took (1 at halfway to guzzle water and refill water bottle, 1 at 60 minutes to reset the treadmill, 1 w/7 minutes to go because I wasn’t mentally strong enough) but that won’t do any good. I managed to run 65 minutes at 7:40 pace with those breaks. Outside, I’m not sure what my pace would have been. It was a tradeoff. Soon I hope I’ll get the hang of these tempo runs. Maybe when the humidity and temperatures take a trip south?
(My coach emailed me Saturday and apologized. He’d assigned the wrong pace. It was supposed to be 8:00 not 7:40. Oops :D)

Saturday long run
I hoped for 3 more but I’m very pleased with what I ran.

Sunday rest
I love my completed rest day. So worth it. Every week.


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