Twin Cities Marathon Week 5 Training Recap

This week didn’t feel complete without a long run. Technically I’ll be completing the long run for this week when this post publishes. The holiday provided an alternative to waking up really early Saturday before work or Sunday before church. (By really early, I mean 3 or 4 am at the latest.

Monday recovery/easy run
I know that I gave my Saturday long run everything when I still feel a bit tired on Monday. It made me plenty okay with taking it easy. The run was fairly average. I did wonder at the sanity of another runner who I saw running in the median of the road with no reflective gear or headlamp before the sun came up. The strides went fairly well too though I was a bit tired by the time I got to them.

Tuesday short intervals
These intervals didn’t feel quite as hard as I thought they would. Maybe that’s because I’m used to longer intervals and/or tempo runs? More likely I could have tried to go a bit faster. I stuck with the prescribed range. I also tried to focus on my arm swing. I’m wasting a lot of energy trying to fly.

Wednesday easy run
It took forever to get going that morning. I’d had 3 nights in a row of super crazy dreams which I think made my sleep less than great. I ran inside because that’s most appealing when I’m sleepy. Once I got going, the run felt fine. I definitely looked forward to cross-training Thursday.

Thursday stationary bike
I loved pushing it on the bike. It didn’t hurt to have a distracting episode of Bones to watch either. I also was not sleepy at all. I wonder what the difference was.

Friday tempo run
I started out outside but ended up finishing the tempo on the treadmill at the gym. I don’t know what it is about running in the dark that makes fast paces feel so hard but it felt like night and day when I got inside. When I first started on the treadmill I wondered at the easiness. Hah. That didn’t last long. The 8 min pace did feel easier than attempting to maintain that outside. I know that part of that is the treadmill but I know that a large part has to do with the light. When I finished up the cool down portion of my run outside I felt incredible. Holding a 9 min pace (unintentional since it was supposed to be a cool down) felt easy and awesome. The fact that the sun had come up by this point was not a coincidence. Hmm…

Saturday regular run with 3 hard intervals
It felt so weird to not run long. I really wanted it. The humidity was awful so maybe it was a good thing that I didn’t run long. I felt pretty good considering the humidity and finished with 3 x 3 minutes of hard effort. That hard effort definitely felt hard but I managed to negative split!

Sunday rest
Definitely ready for the long run.


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