The Physical Therapy Post

(The title is not quite right but…)

Every runner reaches a point (or multiple points) in their running career where they are either injured, stressed about potential injury, or worried about re-injury after a recent recovery. For the past week or so, I’ve been in the middle position, stressed about a potential injury.

I did what I normally do, played Google Doctor and freaked out a little at what I found and didn’t find. (If someone could invent a real game of Google Doctor that would be amazing.) As usual, I found a couple possibilities but my symptons didn’t quite fit. I’d almost decided that it was ITBS but it didn’t sit right.

In comes physical therapy. I’d searched to see if there was someone local that had experience with runners and found one. The “weirdness” of my run yesterday tipped me over the edge. For the longest time I’ve put off something like this for fear that it would make x,y,z problem worse. Silly. I know.

I headed over there this morning, nervous about what I would find out. Afterwards, I can look back and say that I am so thankful I went.

I’ll stop beating around the bush. The culprit? Weak hamstring(s). (Both are fairly weak but only my right knee has been bothering me.) As the therapist described what the weak muscles does to the tendon and the tendon to the knees and etc, everything made sense. All my symptoms fell into place. I’m so glad I went because I never would have even though to search for hamstring weakness and/or strengthening exercises yet now I have an answer and a solution.

I plan to go back at the very least Tuesday and Thursday next week. (If only I could convert my miles into dollars.) I also plan to start carving out daily strength training time.

That was an added bonus. I learned that one can do everything right-properly fitting shoes, varied running surfaces, gradual mileage progression and etc-but not be able to live by running alone.

Post appointment I actually felt pretty great. Not only do I have an answer but I also have a game plan. (I also have some sore muscles, the good kind of sore.)

I don’t like spending money but this was money well spent. I definitely recommend it.



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