Twin Cities Marathon Week 8 Training Recap

Mentally and physically this was a much better week. That’s always a good thing when heading into taper.

Monday easy run
This was a tough run mentally. I had a rough night’s sleep and thanks to the gradually shortening day, this run was all in the dark. I didn’t really struggle with my knee, thankfully, but didn’t really enjoy the run. I got it done though.

Tuesday PT
I wasn’t as impressed with the regular appointment. They were good exercises and I’m planning to incorporate them into my daily routine. I just don’t have enough money to keep going regularly.

Wednesday tempo intervals
The knee felt pretty great. I started outside but finished the intervals inside. (I’ve got to get over this motivation hump.) The first interval was super hard. Once I uploaded the data I discovered why. I was supposed to hit 7:20. I got to 6:55. Whoops. The second interval (inside) felt just a bit too easy. Then I noticed that I had forgotten to increase the elevation. “Problem” solved. Towards the last interval, the front of my right hip near the joint felt a bit odd but it went away. Hopefully soon my competitive mojo will return.

Thursday stationary bike
This was an okay ride for most of it. Around the 45 minute mark I had a weird pain in my left knee. (I mean, come on…really?) After a pause and adjustment on the bike, it went away and I finished. Whatever this is, I’m so over it.

Friday short, fast intervals
For the first time in a couple weeks everything felt completely normal. I like that. 🙂 These short intervals were super hard as they should be obviously. 100m of recovery just did not feel like enough. I got through all of the intervals as prescribed, no extra breaks.

Saturday long run with fast finish
Several things worked against this run: work forcing an early treadmill run to fit it in, no working AC (creative fan use), and rough night’s sleep. I also don’t prefer our home treadmill because the lowest incline it goes to is 1.5. All that being said, I finished almost exactly as prescribed.

Sunday rest
This is very easy to do.


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