Another’s First

This post has been a long time coming. I’ve held off mainly because I wasn’t sure it would actually happen. (Then I forgot about posting it for a couple days. Whoops.)

Watching my mom discover her own love of running over the past two and a half years has been incredible. I love having someone to share this with. I must admit, I never expected that the marathon bug would infect her too.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, my mom will start her own 26.2 mile journey at the same race that served as my first marathon too. There’s just something special about a hometown marathon. (I just wish they would distinguish the medals from the half marathoners’ but that’s a story for another post.)

Due to many scheduling conflicts, her training has been jumbled and less than perfect. (She’s in high demand! :D) Through all that, even when the prospects for getting in adequate preparation seemed dim, she would not let go of that marathon dream. She persevered. Call me a runner nerd but that made me beyond excited for her.

Here’s to Susan becoming part of the real 1%!



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4 responses to “Another’s First

  1. congrats to your mom! we’ll be out there cheering around mile 22!

  2. Pat Isenmann

    Proud of both of you!

  3. So proud of you both…Susan, you go girl!

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