Off-Season Week 1 Training Recap

With a race at the end of the week, this doesn’t feel like much of an off-season. That’s what it’s supposed to be though. I may have run that race a little harder than I should have…at least that’s what I figure if I listen to my calves. I need to get better at this whole “off-season” thing.

Monday easy run
This was a fairly good run. I ran inside because I still haven’t been able to make myself run outside. I did have a weird feeling somewhere around my knee (yeah, that knee) but nothing like anything else I’ve had and nothing that interfered. It also went away after a few minutes. The rest of the run went really well and I got to watch one of the David Tennant Doctor Who specials that hasn’t been on Netflix until now.

Tuesday stationary bike + NTC
Stationary bike: I liked this ride. By the time I got to the end I wanted to have pushed harder and go longer. That’s the sign of a good ride.
NTC: I really loved this workout. (Yes, I am wondering who this person is.) I am still motivated to get fit overall and can tell that my fitness is improving just with planks. (I’ve been working on finally completing a 30 day plank challenge.) Those 60 seconds in this workout felt like a piece of cake.

Wednesday fartlek run
Eventually I will get back outside and off the treadmill but not this time. 🙂 This was the first “structured” workout I’ve had since the marathon and I loved it. (It’s hard to call fartleks structured. :D) I felt great the entire time even though the “speed” wasn’t quite as fast as I have gone in the past. That will come.

Thursday stationary bike
I decided against strength training with the half on Saturday. (I’m not racing it but I’d rather not be super sore.) I did debate about that decision through most of the first half of the ride but oh well. It was a good ride. I pushed hard and got farther than I have in a while.

Friday easy run with some hard effort intervals near the end
This run felt really good. I felt really strong including the hard effort intervals near the end. I loved it.

Saturday Spinx Run Fest!
I may have let my enthusiasm get the better of me. 🙂

Sunday rest
I did this like a champ. Sunday rest days are awesome!


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