Off-Season Week 2 Training Recap

No race this week but plenty on the schedule. It’s funny that in the off-season I want to sign up for all the races since I won’t be “racing” them. This week wasn’t as easy as I had hoped but that’s to be expected since I stayed up quite late to watch the World Series. Here’s how this week got on.

Monday easy run
My calves have been tight since the half. I’m working on plenty of stretching. In the meantime, the run felt pretty good. My calves loosened while running and I really liked the run.

Tuesday stationary bike
I took it easy since I was a little bit tired due to the World Series.

Wednesday tempo intervals
These tempo intervals were really tough. I made it through three as prescribed but had to decrease the speed on the last one. I loved it through.

Thursday stationary bike + NTC
stationary bike: This ride was noticeably slower thanks to a late night watching the World Series game. Go Giants! I really should have slept more but I’m stubborn.
NTC: I really did not want to do this workout (too tired) but I made myself a “bet” that if I complete my daily strength training exercises and one NTC workout per week then I’ll buy myself a race registration. I had no choice but to get it in. I liked the exercises in this workout. I’ll have to do it again after a full night’s sleep.

Friday attempted tempo run
This was supposed to be a tempo run but my body shut that down. I had a few late nights this week because of the world series and felt it. I’m in the off-season after all so pushing myself to get a tempo run in would have made no sense. Maybe next week after several nights of decent sleep.

Saturday long run with a little bit of a pick up at the end
Unseasonably cold weather and high winds = inside. I felt pretty good throughout the entire run although I would have loved to have been able to cover the display. I did have some right hamstring tightness towards the end of the run. Since that seems to be my trouble leg I’ll be taking good care of this. No sense in getting injured during the off-season.

Sunday rest
No problem here.


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