Off-Season Week 3 Training Recap

This was a rather lackluster week of training, not quite what I had hoped for but it’s in the books. I finally got around to communicating with my coach about backing off a little so hopefully this week will be better than the one I’m recapping now. (I also have a weird thing going on my right big toe but I’m hoping that it’s just all in my head.)

Monday easy run
I finally made myself run outside. It was just a mental block that I needed to get over. Now to reestablish the habit. I really enjoyed this run. It wasn’t all roses though. I did have a little bit of tightness in my left hamstring and I was a bit more tired than I expected. Other than that it was a pretty good run.

Tuesday stationary bike + NTC
stationary bike: I was too into The Flash (it’s official. i’m a nerd) to pay attention to the ride. It (the ride) was good. I think. 🙂
NTC: I did not like this one. There were far too many 30 second recovery breaks and some of the exercises were ridiculously complicated. Hopefully the next one I choose will be better.

Wednesday tempo intervals
I’m still not quite ready (or in the mood) for speedwork at pre-marathon levels so instead of a solid 40 minutes of a rolling tempo work, I made them into tempo intervals. I really loved this run. It’s the off-season so I’m not stressing about the downgrade.

Thursday stationary bike
I enjoyed this ride but am baffled as to why I wasn’t able to get farther. I thought I was pushing the pace like I used to but ended up with a shorter distance. Oh well.

Friday short intervals
The prescribed pace for these intervals was too fast. I’m not back there yet. I thought about ditching the intervals but settled for a compromise. I decreased the speed a little on every other interval (yes, I ran on a treadmill) and managed to finish the run.

Saturday long run easy
This was an okay run. Overall I enjoyed it even though I felt a lot faster than I was actually going. I did not look at my Garmin (to see the pace) once during the whole run. (I did look at it to see overall time so I would know when to turn around.) I liked that. What I didn’t like was a weird feeling that I now have on my right big toe. (What is it with the right side of my body?) Here’s the rundown: I have an area that is red, tender, and slightly swollen (bump like) on my right big toe just below the joint connecting it to the metatarsal. It does not hurt with weight bearing activities only when pressure is placed on it like from the top of a shoe while running. (That was the status Saturday. Today, Monday, it look normal.) While I’ve spent much of the rest of the day obsessing about the prospects of a stress fracture, the run itself was fairly okay. I would love for my body to stop falling apart. (That might be a slight exaggeration. :D)

Sunday rest
I definitely rested Sunday and tried not to think about the toe.



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4 responses to “Off-Season Week 3 Training Recap

  1. I don’t know if yours is the same, but I am dealing with this right now:
    Oddly enough, it wasn’t caused by running, but started hurting while I was walking around in heels last week at a wedding. I have been running through it, but finally it got annoying enough (more after running than during) that I decided to rest it for a few days and see how it goes. It’s weird to have all of these little niggles while NOT training for a race, right?!

    • Jeni @ stepping out

      So weird!
      It’s on the top of my toe and doesn’t affect any weight-bearing activities, just feels like a bruise … sometimes. It’s probably nothing but the idea of a stress fracture is pretty frightening for little ol’ neurotic me. 🙂
      I hope your foot feels better soon top!

      • Ah! On the top of your foot…definitely not the same thing. Last year I thought I had a stress fracture when the top of my foot was sore, but it turned that the shoes I wore for a costume party the weekend before had just put pressure on it 🙂 I am sure something just rubbed it a little wrong. If you can stand on the foot and jump up and down with no pain…not a stress fracture (according to my PT, at least!) Hope it all feels better soon!

    • Jeni @ stepping out

      That’s what I’ve been figuring. I’m heading to Greenville Running Company tomorrow to get some new shoes. I tend to get through maybe two pairs of one type of shoe before needing to switch…

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