Tryon Half Marathon Race Recap

Race #85
Half Marathon #27
NC Half Marathon #4
Tryon Half Marathon #2

I really enjoy this race. Perhaps some fall I may skip the marathon and give it a real shot. (Okay, who am I kidding. I’m a little too addicted to the marathon to skip.)

My tentative plan going into this race was to run about the same pace as Spinx, finish before Mom and take a bunch of pictures. Once we got there I wondered why I would run separately from her so we planned to run together. I let her dictate the pace.

It was quite fun. I put my Garmin on the clock page and did not look at it once. The weather was chilly. The scenery was beautiful.

I felt great through most of the race. Since I let Mom dictate the pace and when we walked I foolishly skipped the water stations and felt it later in the race. That was totally my bad.

I don’t have much to say about most of the race since I was just out there to run. Mom did great, especially considering that this was just 3 weeks after her first marathon. I’m pretty sure that she got her second fastest time today.

Just after mile 12, I started picking up the pace so that I could finish just ahead of Mom. (That way I could get some pictures.) I also decided to see how many people I could pass in that last mile.

Regardless of if you’ve taken it easy the first 12 miles, pouring on a sprint in the last mile of a half marathon is tough. Grand total? 10. That felt good.

Plus, I got some great shots of Mom. (I love the burst feature!)
Tryon Half Marathon

Once she finished, we wandered around a little trying to find the person who had her car key. It had fallen out before the race started. The race director mentioned in her opening remarks that they had found the key and the owner could come get it after the race. She just forgot to say where and who from. Whoops.

We managed to shake off the shivers long enough for one post race photo.
Tryon Half Marathon

I really like this small, scenic race. Maybe some day I’ll bring my A game.



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3 responses to “Tryon Half Marathon Race Recap

  1. Rachel

    I was one of the 10 you passed! Today was my first half and this was the perfect course to start with! Congrats to you and your mom! I enjoyed reading this post!

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