Off-Season Week 4 Training Recap

This was definitely a better week. I’m still wondering about my right leg just feels weird sometimes but eventually that will (hopefully) come.

Monday stationary bike + NTC
stationary bike: After some really weird, unsettling dreams, I did not feel like running so I switched Tuesday’s workout to Monday. I really liked the ride, unsurprisingly. My toe did feel a little weird when I first put it in the “cage” (I really don’t know what that’s called on a stationary bike) so I think there’s still some tenderness. Other than that, the toe did not bother me.
NTC: I really liked this workout. (Every time I say this about a strength training I wonder who is actually saying that. :D) I did feel a few, fleeting, weird twinges in my right knee which was odd. I’m not super concerned about it but I would love for there to be a time sometime soon where I don’t have a nagging twinge somewhere.

Tuesday easy run
I wish I could run in the daylight more often. Even though it took me a little longer to get going (snooze button) I really liked this run. My toe felt fine. (I loosened the laces and focused on maintaining good form.) I ended up running a whole lot faster than I thought I was. That 8:54 average includes running into a headwind as soon as I turned around at the halfway point. This run made me happy.

Wednesday tempo
My new shoes definitely helped with the toe thing. That’s a relief. I did have some weird IT band/hamstring stuff with my right leg. I am so over this. Other than that I felt strong overall. Hopefully whatever is going on with my right leg will sort itself out soon.

Thursday stationary bike
This was a good, albeit rather boring ride. I tried to push the pace the entire time and managed to make it through the whole hour.

Friday easy run
This was a nice, easy run before the half tomorrow. It was pretty average, short and sweet.

Saturday Tryon Half Marathon
I enjoyed this race, a nice, easy run with Mom.

Sunday rest
I enjoy these days, thoroughly.


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