Off-Season Week 5 Training Recap

From the way that this week finished, I’d have to say that it was a pretty good week of training. It didn’t always feel like that throughout the week but that’s likely because I can be a bit of a hypochondriac. (You can tell the extent of the ups and downs just by comparing Monday to Saturday.)

Monday easy run
The run itself felt pretty normal. Mentally I was a bit of a mess. My right hamstring started feeling sore/tight yesterday (that and my glute). While on the run the hamstring felt fine but I could “feel” it, if that makes any sense. I don’t know what to make of this any more. I’m not sure whether this is all in my head or an actual physical injury. Hoping for “all in my head.” (I’m leaning towards “all in my head.”)

Tuesday stationary bike
I decided to back off from strength training this week. I don’t know whether I physically needed it but I definitely needed it mentally. This was an average ride. I really enjoyed it.

Wednesday tempo run
I felt pretty good on this run. I made it through all 30 minutes of the tempo without having to turn them into intervals. I didn’t quite make it through all 30 minutes at the prescribed pace but it was close.

Thursday stationary bike
I enjoyed this ride even though I thought I pushed harder than the mileage says that I did. Oh well.

Friday easy run
It took a good ten minutes or so to get the treadmill going. (We have a temperamental treadmill. Don’t ask.) Once I got that going this was a fairly good run. As usual, my right leg felt weird at different (occasional) times, nothing bad or painful, just weird. Oy vey. Other than that it was a good run.

Saturday Turkey Bowl 5k
Talk about an unexpected result.

Sunday rest
I definitely enjoyed taking it easy.


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