TreesGreenville Turkey Day 8k Race Recap

Race #87
8k #7
TreesGreenville Turkey Day 8k #5

Turns out that this is the one race that I have run every year since I started running. I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

I went into this race planning to run with Mom, just for fun. I ended up getting some fast running in too. I’m getting a bit ahead of myself though.

We hung out in the car for a while before heading towards the start. No sense in standing around in the cold if you don’t have too. It’s funny. Last year the temps were below freezing (just) but I wanted to get out of the car less this year. Oh well.

I tried to position us on the right side of the start/finish line banner but was foiled by a backwards banner. Good planning there.

That mean that Mom and I had to weave through extremely tightly packed people already lined up just to get to the right side of the line. (There were barriers on the side which kept us from going around.) Even though my personal space was violated quite definitively with all the people in that space, the mix up ended up being a benefit. We were pretty close to the start and didn’t have to battle the crowds through the first quarter mile.

I felt great as we started running. Mom was doing really well and we were running pretty fast. Turns out that we ran that first mile in 8:08, my second fastest mile of the race.

We settled into a relaxed pace after that.

I had no idea what to expect of the course. I wasn’t sure then if they had changed the course at all. I confirmed it afterwards. The changes were great and, thankfully, made the course an actual 8k, not a 7.5 or whatever it was last year.

Around the halfway point Mom struggled a little with her breathing, thanks to the cold. We walked a little but not too much.

After mile 3 I started thinking about trying to get in a fast last mile. By the time I mentioned it to mom we were at mile 4. Literally, right after I told her that I was going to take off at mile 4, my Garmin beeped.

True to my word I took off and felt great. Unlike the Tryon Half Marathon, I did not try to count how many people I passed. (I know it was more than 10. :))

I kept pushing and felt really, really strong. I loved that last mile so, so much. When we made the final turn I turned on a full out 100m type sprint and passed two more people. So much fun. Final mile split: 7:11. I’ll take that.

Final results: 41:49, officially. (I thought it was my second fastest time but it’s actually my third by about 30 seconds. I’ll still take that.)

Mom finished about a minute later, looking strong, with her second fastest time, 42:34!

TreesGreenville Turkey Day 8k
Do we look cold? 🙂

I’ve still got a couple (not sure how many exactly) weeks of off-season left but I think I just might be ready to dive into this next marathon training cycle and really go for it.


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