Off-Season Week 6 Training Recap

With all the races I’ve run in November plus a fairly good week of running under my belt, I am almost ready to say goodbye to my off-season. I still have two or three weeks before I start ramping up training for the Rome Marathon. (if I can ever finalize my registration but that’s a story for another post…)

Monday easy run
It takes a whole lot of concentration to run in the dark (with a headlamp) on sidewalks mostly covered with slightly wet leaves. Other than that it was a fairly decent. My legs felt a bit sluggish but that’s temporary.

Tuesday stationary bike + NTC
stationary bike: It took me a long while to get going after I woke up, including when I was on the bike. I made it through the ride without falling asleep. I’ll take that as a win.
NTC: I felt much the same during the NTC workout. It was a good one but maybe I should do it again when I’m more awake.

Wednesday groove intervals
I enjoyed them. They were pretty hard but not so hard that I started bargaining with myself to end them or run them slower. Good run.

Thursday TreesGreenville Turkey Day 8k
5 years and still counting

Friday stationary bike rest
Once again I was foiled by my gym’s lack of common sense. I am almost ready (after 5 years) to switch.

Saturday long run

Sunday rest
I considered heading to the gym this afternoon to make up Friday’s missed stationary bike session but I enjoy my Sundays off too much.


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