Off-Season Week 7 Training Recap

Sometimes a schedule change throws a monkey wrench into plans. Thankfully, it’s the off-season and I was still able to get everything done, if not quite up to the level I would have wanted. On a related note, I hope to, perhaps, get a short post written about volunteering. It was a lot of fun.

Monday easy run
This was a good run. I’m still not a fan of the discrepancy in how fast I think I’m running and how fast I’m actually running when it’s dark out. I loved the hard effort at the end though.

Tuesday stationary bike + NTC
stationary bike: This ride was short but I loved it.
NTC: I chose an intermediate NTC workout. It was hard-lots of squats that I knew I would feel later-but I definitely enjoyed it. Turns out, I bit off just a bit more than I could chew with this one.

Wednesday complicated (;)) intervals
I probably should not have done speedwork the day after strength training. I was super sore so the intervals were pretty tough. I got the work done though.

Thursday stationary bike
For the first time in a long time, I did not enjoy the ride. I may have set the bike seat a little too low. That’s the only explanation I have for the odd feeling in my left knee whenever I sat up. Everything’s fine now but I am not happy with this ride. Also, I missed out on catching the mileage before it reset so this is only approximate.

Friday long run
I had to switch my long run to today since I’m volunteering at PMRR tomorrow. I also ran inside. I was just not in the mood to run in the chilly, dark drizzle. It was a fairly decent run. My left hamstring got a bit tight towards the end (lots of stretching to come) and I got a lovely little blister right between big and second toe. Even with those two things it was a fairly decent run.

Saturday tempo (intervals) run
I learned that the day after a long run, my legs were not ready for speedwork. Timing wasn’t in my favor. I turned this tempo run into intervals to get this done. I’m ready for a normal weekend schedule coming up soon.

Sunday rest


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