Jingle Bell Jog 5k Race Recap

Race #87
5k #36
Jingle Bell Jog 5k #2

I would have loved to have this post up much earlier but my car did not want to cooperate with that desire. Since that has nothing to do with the race, I’ll leave it at that.

I went into this race with the goal of trying to run sub 8. I’d had a “long” run in the morning and decided to shave off 20 minutes for that run so I wouldn’t jump up too much in my weekly mileage this week. Since the last 20 minutes or so were supposed to gradually increase in pace up to 8:00. When I got to the end of the run in the morning I had no idea how or if I would be able to hold that fast pace that afternoon. I also knew that this is a hilly course. This particular subdivision served as the setting for the first 5k I ran this year.

With that in mind I told myself that the goal was sub 8, nothing more.

The start was a bit ridiculous. Unfortunately that’s what happens when twenty or so kids (and many adults) line up in front of you. A few meters later things opened up and I did not have to deal with traffic for the rest of the race.

I settled into a fairly decent pace and made it my goal to hold that.

Around .75 I came up beside Cindy Lucking. I had expected her to be in front of me the whole time. She is one awesome runner. (I told my mom that I want to be her when I grow up. :)) Cindy said hi and mentioned that she knew I was going to be there and hoped to pace off me. I told her that it had been my plan to pace off her! I didn’t mean to but I did pull ahead a little. I didn’t look back so I had no idea how far ahead I was of her. The first turn around showed me that it wasn’t that much.

My Garmin measured a slightly shorter distance than was marked but I’ll give the splits as I have them on my Garmin.

I passed the mile 1 marker and timing clock and immediately thought “I have no business running this fast.” Per that timing clock, mile 1’s split was 7:10. According to the Garmin it’s 7:33.

Unlike the Turkey Bowl 5k this race felt hard but doable.

I kept pushing, trying to keep my effort steady and under 8:00. I also kept passing people. That was pretty fun.

There was no mile 2 marker but I clocked a 7:28. I glanced down at the Garmin and wondered if I could possibly negative split the entire race.

I was really feeling it by this point. We’d gotten to the last of the “major” hills and were heading pretty much downhill for the rest of the race. (The hills never really stopped, just got a little smaller.)

When we made the last out and back on a culdesac that I remember from a run last year with Mom I noticed a little girl in front of me. My competitive nature wanted to see if I could possibly speed up and pass her. Who wants a kid to beat them in an all-out 5k?

We came down the final hill and made the final turn. I didn’t even notice the alert for mile 3, 7:03.

I saw the finish line and tried to sprint a little. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed movement on my left. Someone was trying to pass me! I don’t know where I dug it out from but I dropped into a full out sprint, like 100m dash sprint. One guy managed to pass me but the other didn’t!

A few seconds later I stopped my Garmin and could barely believe the time displayed: 22:21 aka my new second fastest 5k time. (The .05 nubbin clocked in with a 5:31 pace. Hah!)

I grabbed a water and started to walk back to the finish to get pictures of Mom. That’s when the photographer stopped me and asked me if he could get a picture of me as the second female. My response? (exact quote) “Wait what?”

Yeah…that little girl? She was the fastest female, at age 11.

Then there’s me, second place. I repeat. Wait what?

Oh, third place happened to be Cindy. I seriously want to be her. A 22:51 at age 61? Sweet!

Another speedy, “mature” lady? My mom! She rocked the race, again and snagged a PR of 24:39! (By the way, that’s faster than I ran this race 4 years ago!)

5ks hurt, a lot but they are so much fun to run and to run fast. Plus, it always feels good to land on the podium even if they forget to mention the overall winners. (They just handed out age group awards-really cool looking ornaments-but still. Who knows when I’ll be on the podium again?

I definitely recommend this race. Fun, challenging 5k with tons of sweet swag both before and after the race.


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