Rome Marathon Week 1 Training Recap

Well, it’s here now. Off-season is over; marathon training is here. After a week like this, I’m stoked about what the rest of this training cycle will bring.

Monday easy run
This run felt really good through which was slightly unexpected. Usually when I wake up mid-dream my mojo’s a bit off when it comes to the run. I like it when it’s not. The good feeling was reflected in the splits which were fairly even, all within 6 seconds of each other. Great run to kick off the marathon training cycle.

Tuesday tempo run
I think this was just my second successful tempo run. (aka a tempo run that was actually a tempo run and not tempo intervals) I made it all the way through the entire 35 minutes at prescribed pace even though it was hard and I had a mental battle against the other part of my brain trying to bargain my way out of the tempo portion. I think this is an excellent way to start off the first week of training for Rome.

Wednesday easy run + stationary bike
easy run: This was a nice, easy run, as prescribed. I felt great throughout.
stationary bike: I really love being able to get in two stationary bike sessions per week. Now that I’ve started the marathon training cycle I’m back up to 5 days per week running. While these recovery runs are still short enough I’m going to try to squeeze in a short stationary bike session like this afterwards. This was a good ride that I really enjoyed.

Thursday stationary bike + 15 min NTC
stationary bike: This was a good ride although my opinion of it was tempered by finding out that Runner’s World and Running Times are decreasing their issues per year. (Also, that information was squeezed in small print between columns on page 10 that I almost skipped)
NTC: Chose a shorter one that I’ve never done before “better butt” and really liked it.

Friday intervals
These intervals were short, fast and hard. Sometimes they seemed too short because they went so quickly. This was a good run. I probably could have gone faster on the recovery intervals but oh well.

Saturday long run + Jingle Bell Jog
This was a good long run. The plan called for 90 minutes with a gradual pace increase to 8:00. Since I ran a 5k in the afternoon I decided to chop off 20 minutes and try to really race the 5k instead. (See the blog post for 5k details.) This was a really good run. I felt really good even though I did have a little bit of right hammy tightness towards the end of the run (around mile 6ish). The last mile was hard and awesome since I decided to throw on a sprint. (Maybe I should follow the plan more? Whoops.)

Sunday rest
Physically I rested. Otherwise, it was a pretty busy day trying to get stuff done.


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