Rome Marathon Week 2 Training Recap

Another fairly good week of training. I’m really looking forward to what’s the come in this training cycle.

Monday easy run
I was in an off-mood from the start of the run, nothing bad, just a little off. I felt okay through the run although I could do without the continuing weirdness in my right hamstring/knee. I’m probably overly sensitive and have perhaps forgotten what a “normal” leg feels like. (There’s no pain…just weirdness.)

Tuesday tempo run
Another successful tempo run in the books! I almost bailed on this one barely 10 minutes in. I started contemplating the best way to make this tempo into 4 intervals. The tempo pace felt hard from the get go, likely because I ran a little too hard over the weekend. I managed to talk myself off the interval ledge by telling myself to get as far as I could before I paused. I got all the way to the end of the tempo portion.

Wednesday easy run
This run was nice and easy as prescribed, nothing extraordinarily good or bad.

Thursday stationary bike
This wasn’t my favorite ride. It wasn’t bad but I did not feel 100% so I took it easy throughout and thus did not get as far. My left knee also felt a bit weird towards the end and after but I don’t think it’s serious. Hopefully an easy rest of the day plus another good night’s sleep will help.

Friday intervals
These intervals were tough but it was hard to judge whether or not I gave 90 or 95% so I think I might have been able to go a little harder. Next time.

Saturday long run
I did not want to get out of my bed. (That’s the downfall of a new (to me) mattress.) Once I did finally get up and get going the run went by surprisingly well. I ran inside thanks to chilly, drizzly rain. (Yes, I know I need to get out more.) That being said, I felt fabulous through the whole run which went by quickly. I know. That shocked me too.

Sunday rest
I got plenty of reading done. 🙂


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