Rome Marathon Week 4 Training Recap

By the end of the week I could definitely feel the increased mileage. (I topped 40 miles-by less than half a mile-for the first time since Twin Cities training.) Thankfully there’s a few more weeks before Rome to get up to speed. 🙂

Monday easy run
This was a good run, nothing extraordinarily good or bad. Loved the hill intervals near the end.

Tuesday tempo run
I think I might finally be getting the hang of the tempo run. It wasn’t easy by a long shot but I made it all the way through and felt pretty good when I got past the halfway point.

Wednesday easy run
I had no trouble keeping it easy as prescribed. On the uphills my legs definitely felt Tuesday’s work. Loved closing out the year with a run.

Thursday stationary bike rest
Thanks to the gym opening at 9 instead of it ended up working better to skip the stationary bike and just do a lot of walking instead.

Friday hill intervals
This felt a little bit harder than I thought it would but not too bad. The hill intervals were tough but enjoyable.

Saturday long run
This run was tougher than I thought. My legs didn’t really have any pep in them which is unsurprising considering that with today’s run I crossed 40 miles for the first time in a month or so. I wasn’t able to keep the pace as close to 8:25 as I wanted (about 30 seconds slower) but I muddled through and got it done.

Sunday rest
After a slightly tougher than expected long run and a full day of Christmas festivities (yes, we just now celebrated) rest was not easy to do.


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