Rome Marathon Week 5 Training Recap

I loved these runs and might just be starting to get adjusted to the higher mileage. (Just in time to go higher!)

Monday easy run
My legs were far more sluggish than expected. I’m not sure why. That translated to a slower pace than I had hoped but I got it done.

Tuesday tempo intervals
My legs were a bit more sluggish at the start but I got it done. By the last tempo interval I actually felt pretty strong and finished well.

Wednesday recovery run
This was nice and easy as prescribed. I felt great throughout.

Thursday stationary bike
I felt good through this ride and enjoyed it. I’m perplexed though as to why I’m not getting as far as I used to in this amount of time. Oy vy.

Friday short intervals
I felt really, really good through this run. The intervals were tough (as I would expect a sub 7 pace to feel!) but I loved them!

Saturday long run
This was an excellent long run. I would have preferred to do it during daylight but that’s par for the course on those Saturdays that I have to work. I felt strong through the entire run, even the fast finish portion. Before I started that last 20 minutes I wondered if I would be able to do it but while running that faster portion I had no doubt.

Sunday rest
I have had no problem following through on this prescription.


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