Rome Marathon Week 6 Training Recap

I always love weeks that end on a high note aka a strong race performance. This was a tough week though with six days of running, a first for me. Thankfully I have just 5 in week 7. (They’re not easy of course.)

Monday easy run
I absolutely loved this run. I felt amazingly strong throughout the entire run and loved the hard intervals at the end! The week got off to a great start.

Tuesday tempo run
I actually enjoyed a tempo run. What? On top of that the tempo portion didn’t feel quite as hard as I expected. (Don’t get me wrong. It was definitely still hard.) Maybe I could go faster? Whatever the case, I loved this run.

Wednesday easy/recovery run
I felt pretty good through this run. It was nice and easy like it was supposed to be.

Thursday stationary bike + easy run
stationary bike: I felt really, really good and actually got a bit of distance.
easy run: This ended up being my first brick workout ever. I now understand why they’re called bricks. My legs felt pretty sluggish and my glutes were a bit sore. (That may be because this was also the fourth day in a row that I’ve run.) That being said, the run was pretty good anyway.

Friday easy run
It took a little while to get going this morning. The run felt okay but I had no pep in my step. I’m not so sure about this six days a week running. It may need an adjustment period.

Saturday warm up + Greenville News Run Downtown 5k + long run
warm up: this was just enough time for me to get properly warmed up both mentally and physically
5k: see linked recap
long run: This was not as pretty as I could have hoped thanks to going out (probably) too hard in the 5k and dealing with general “achiness” (yes, I’m aware that’s not a word) unrelated to running. I got it done and felt pretty strong while doing it despite the “achiness.”

Sunday rest
I had been looking forward to this day all week so the rest was well enjoyed.


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