Rome Marathon Week 7 Training Recap

This ended up being a pretty great week of training. I had my doubts when it first started thanks to a really tight hamstring after week 6’s six days of running culminating in a hard effort at the Greenville News 5k. I took a step back on the daily hamstring strengthening exercises I’ve been doing and added extra stretching. That seemed to do the trick.

Monday easy run
I took it easy after a week of fairly intense training culminating with a lot of running Saturday. I felt pretty good except for my right hamstring. It’s tight, like a sore muscle.

Tuesday tempo intervals
I was a little concerned about my right hamstring. It’s probably just a sore muscle because it was less tight than Monday. Other than that this was a pretty good run. The tempo intervals were a little bit tougher than I expected but I got them done.

Wednesday easy/recovery run
This run was nice and easy like prescribed. Thankfully the hamstring thing I’ve been concerned about seems to be just a sore muscle, not injury. Overall it was a pretty good run.

Thursday stationary bike
I tried to keep the RPMs at 90 or above but did not meet that goal for a significant portion of the ride. (I’m not sure why.) This obviously translated into less distance than I wanted. Other than that this was a good ride.

Friday medium intervals
These intervals were crazy fast and hard (6:55 pace!) but I loved them! I loved the entire run and felt great.

Saturday long run
I felt absolutely amazing throughout this entire long run. I ended up running inside using a guest pass to Anytime Fitness. (The combination of super early, dark and rainy made this a necessity.) There was not a single time that I felt overworked. I loved it, even the moderately hard intervals towards the end. I actually thought about how great I felt at that pace even at the end of the run. This was a great run.

Sunday rest
I had no trouble getting this done.


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