Rome Marathon Week 8 Training Recap

This week consisted of a step back of intensity but not mileage culminating in yet another fabulous long run. I am really loving the long runs this cycle. (That’s quite the opposite of Twin City.)

Monday easy run
This was a pretty average run. Everything went according to plan and I felt pretty good throughout. I still don’t like running in the dark and cold but that will change eventually.

Tuesday easy run with some intervals near end
I felt really, really good throughout this run. I bumped up my easy pace just a notch and really pushed the pace on the short, hard intervals at the end. (I forgot to do these on hills. Whoops.) I absolutely loved it.

Wednesday easy run with some hard intervals near end
My legs were a little more tired at the start than Tuesday but other than that this was a good run. I loved the hard intervals at the end.

Thursday stationary bike
I felt fabulous during this ride. Somehow I was also able to keep the RPMs up. Maybe the fact that I was on a different bike? Whatever it was, I loved it.

Friday easy run
My legs were a bit more tired but that’s becoming normal for Friday. Other than that this was a pretty good easy run.

Saturday long run
This was the best 20 miler I’ve every had. The long runs of this cycle have all gone really well. I ran the first 11 with Mom at a slightly slower pace. I felt great throughout all of those miles. (I did manage to lose a glove somewhere along the way. Oh well.) Mom pushed ahead at the end of her 11 miles only to have some random guy stop her to ask if she had seen a Swamp Rabbit Trail sign a little ways back. Seriously? I kept going and felt fabulous until about mile 15. I started to feel a few small (normal) aches and wallowed in wondering if I could finish strong before setting those thoughts aside and pressing forward. After that point I felt fabulous until the end. When the final 20 minutes of the run came and it was time for me to push the pace, I really pushed it. My final mile (mile 20) was 7:19. Seriously. That means one (or both) of two things. Either I had way too much leftover in the tank or my fitness level has seriously increased. I am loving this training cycle.

Sunday rest
Definitely done. Not much to say about rest days.


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