Rome Marathon Week 9 Training Recap

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m going to start this post with the statement that training weeks that end on a high note (race or long run) are simply the best.

In the case of this week, all of the training through the week felt pretty good too.

Monday tempo run
I was a little concerned before starting this tempo since the pace I was supposed to run is the pace I’m aimed for in the half on Saturday. The tempo portion went great so I had great hopes. I even liked the short, hard intervals at the end.

Tuesday stationary bike + easy run
stationary bike: I decided to add a little bit of stationary bike to the workout but took it easy since it was supposed to be a recovery day. I enjoyed the ride.
easy run: nice and easy, just like it was supposed to be.

Wednesday tempo intervals
I had to drop one of the intervals to get to work on time. That made me sad. The intervals were on the easier side of tough but definitely still tough. I enjoyed them thoroughly.

Thursday easy run
Weird night sleep + 4th day of running in a row = sluggish, tired legs, Other than that, the run wasn’t too bad. Got it done.

Friday stationary bike
Took it nice and easy on this ride in advance of the half Saturday. Nothing extraordinarily good or bad, average.

Saturday Hilton Head Island Half Marathon
I have no words for how perfectly this went according to plan. This might just be my best executed race.

Sunday rest
With a 4 hour drive back to Greenville, rest was not hard to achieve.


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