Rome Marathon Week 10 Training Recap

I am absolutely loving this training cycle. If every marathon training cycle went this well I might just run marathons all the time. Oh wait, I already sort of do.

Monday easy run
My legs definitely were still recovering from Saturday’s effort. Once I got going I was surprised with how good I felt.

Tuesday tempo intervals
These tempo intervals were tough but doable, tougher on this run because my legs were still recovering from Saturday’s half. I loved getting in a double digit run on a weekday.

Wednesday recovery run
My legs definitely felt all the work I put in. Got it done.

Thursday stationary bike
I misread the training plan and managed to switch Thursday and Friday’s workouts. That didn’t seem to matter come Saturday.
I took the ride nice and easy as prescribed. It was also nice to see Running Times acknowledge the issue number decrease even if I’m not happy about it.

Friday short, hard intervals
The hard intervals were hard, as they should be. I loved this run! I did wonder how this would affect the long run but it seems like back to back efforts such as these aren’t as difficult as they used to be.

Saturday long run
I am so happy that I finished yet another long run strong and hungry for more. I felt great throughout this entire run, although my hamstrings felt a bit tight at points. (That’s likely due to all the work I’ve put them through lately.) I also could not believe how good I felt on the pick-up intervals at the end of the run. I kept having to tell myself to slow down even during the third (and last) interval when I was counting down the seconds. That one definitely felt hard. I loved this run!

Sunday rest
With three consecutive hard efforts on Saturday I took a deliberate step back Sunday and took the entire day off, as easy as I have in quite a while.


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