Rome Marathon Week 11 Training Recap

All the weeks can’t be amazing. This past week wasn’t bad, it just lost a bit of the luster thanks to the weather and a lovely head cold that still persists.

Monday easy run
I felt okay through this run even though I did forget about the hill intervals near the end. Whoops. I’m beginning to get a bit concerned about my right hamstring. It was pretty tight throughout the run so I took it easy for the rest of the day, stretching and backing off from my daily hamstring exercises for a few days. Hopefully it’s just all the work I’ve put in lately.

Tuesday 30 min easy
I switched Wednesday and Tuesday’s workouts in the hopes that I’d be able to get something in with the ice preventing travel but woke up with a horrible sore throat. I ended up taking the entire day off.

Wednesday tempo run
I had to shorten the tempo by 5 minutes so I could get to work but I’m thankful the gym was open so I could get the workout in. I was a bit nervous (for nothing it seems) about my hamstring but everything went well and I loved pushing it.

Thursday stationary bike
This ride felt good but somehow I took it too easy in the first half of the ride? I checked the RPMs halfway through, discovered it was too low and kicked it up a notch. I still had to sprint at the end (and add an extra minute) just to get to 15. Sometimes the mileage I get on the bike baffles me.

Friday tempo intervals
These intervals were really, really hard but I absolutely loved them and felt great the whole way through.

Saturday long run
I can’t say that I loved this run. I struggled mentally for the first 7 or 8 miles, mainly due to the end stages of a head cold that I’ve been battling this week (so much coughing and sniffing). At that point I wondered how on earth I would finish the run with 50 minutes at an 8:10-15 pace and wondered if this would be the first long run of this cycle that I would have to modify. Thankfully after mile 8 things started looking up. I finally got into a rhythm and started to feel strong, strong enough that a downed tree (completely blocking the path but there was enough room to step off on one side and duck under) and a stray dog that started to run with me (seriously, one of my worst nightmares) couldn’t bring me down. Granted, my heart rate did spike a little with the dog encounter but that didn’t last long. Then came the last 50 minutes. I stepped up the pace and settled right into it. I could not believe how strong I felt running that pace at the end of a long run. All this work is paying off. I kept reminding myself of my goal to focus on the long runs and not slack off.
This may not have been my favorite long run of the cycle but it was still good. I’ll take that.

Sunday rest
I really love my Sunday rest days. There aren’t that many more ways I can say that. 🙂


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