Rome Marathon Week 12 Training Recap

Before I get into the break down of this past week’s training I did want to make a brief mention about the drop off of posting. I know that not that many people read this blog so I am obviously not posting for readership. However, at this point, my work schedule (and other life stuff) prevents me from crafting more than my weekly training post and the occasional race recap. I hope to soon get back to writing more but in the meantime, thanks for reading!

Monday easy run
I was not into this run when I first started. It felt really hard through most of the run, right up until I started the hard intervals at the end. Once I started those I got into the run and almost didn’t want to stop. I used my HRM for the first time on this run, finally. For a data nerd like me, this may or may not have been a good idea.

Tuesday tempo intervals
The first tempo interval was incredibly hard. I actually wondered if I would be able to make it through the rest of the work out. The crazy thing is that each successive interval seemed to get easier. By the end of the run I loved it.

Wednesday easy/recovery run
My legs were pretty tired when I started as expected on the third straight day of work. After a few minutes they warmed up and the rest of the time passed quickly.

Thursday stationary bike rest
The “snowpocalypse” kept me from getting to the gym in the morning for a bit of cross-training. It didn’t keep me from working a normal schedule but that’s another story. I’ve got to find some more stationary bike time somewhere.

Friday tempo run
This tempo pace was difficult at the start of the tempo portion but I was able to settle into it and get it done.

Saturday long run
I almost signed up for the GHS Half Marathon. It would have been easy to incorporate that into my long run…just tack a few miles on the front. As it was, I ran against the stream for the first couple miles listening to my new favorite running song, “Brave.” The first few miles were uneventful. I did start to feel a little sluggish around mile 6 but once we got over the slight hill I was able to settle back into a good rhythm. After splitting off from Mom I almost ran twenty minutes too much thanks to my inability to do any sort of mental computation while running. Thankfully I had enough time to figure it out. 🙂 I really started to feel all the work I’ve put in around mile 17 when the countdown started for real. I wondered how I was going to do the mild pick ups near the end but was determined to get them in. Long runs have been my focus this training plan. Once I got to those pick ups they were hard like I suspected but I kept pushing. Just after the third I paused for a few seconds to skip ahead in my music to my new songs. I needed a little “Brave” to get me through. That seemed to do the trick. I was able to finish strong and run my longest ever marathon long run (by .2)! Three weeks until race day!

Sunday rest
There’s not much to be said about rest days so I’ll leave it there.


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