Rome Marathon Week 13 Training Recap

I can definitely tell that I’m at the end of a marathon training cycle. I’m still enjoying training but definitely thankful to be in the start of the taper.

Monday easy run
I felt a bit “creaky” when I first started this run but thankfully after about 10 minutes or so all the creaks were worked out. I got into a good rhythm and felt good for the rest of the run.

Tuesday race pace tempo run
This race pace tempo was definitely hard at the start. It took me about twenty minutes or so to get into it but once I did it didn’t feel quite as difficult. I’m glad it’s done. I hope that pace will feel a whole lot easier come March 22 since I’ll have to maintain it for 3 hours 35 minutes!

Wednesday easy/recovery run
This run was nice and easy as prescribed. It took a minute or two to warm up bit after that it was pretty easy.

Thursday stationary bike
This was a fairly unremarkable ride except for the fact that my left knee protests every time I sit up on the bike instead of leaning forward. (I have no idea what the actual names of the positions are.) Towards the end of the ride I like to alternate but I guess I’ll stop that now.

Friday intervals
This run went really well. The intervals were challenging but not too difficult.

Saturday long run
I had planned to try to get the long run done before work as is my preference. However three things worked against that. Our treadmill is still on the fritz My gym doesn’t open until 8. I didn’t feel comfortable or safe starting my run outside on my own in the dark before 5 in the morning. Instead I used the time to cross stuff off my to do list to make room for the run after work.
I am not a fan of afternoon runs. (Okay, that’s an understatement.) It was for the best though. What a temperature difference. It was almost too warm. With all the changes I wondered if I could get the long run in as prescribed. A difference between this wondering and wondering of the past is the fact that I did not give myself an out. Before this training cycle started I made it my goal to make the long runs a priority and not skimp on a single one. When it came time, 40 minutes in, to start picking up the pace, I did, no matter how difficult (mentally) it felt. Throughout the remaining 100 minutes I kept at it, 8 minutes at 8:10, 2 minutes easy. The hardest part of hitting that pace was the mental battle. Physically my legs were more than capable of executing this run and they cooperated quite brilliantly. Yet another successful long run in the books.

Sunday rest
When a lot of the day is take up with Italy trip planning (eek!) it is very to make sure to rest.


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