Rome Marathon Week 14 Training Recap

I find it absolutely crazy that the marathon is less than a week away. I’ve got a post coming up about that so I won’t say any more here. For the second week of a taper, the past week went pretty well.

Monday easy run
Running with Mom doesn’t always make for the easiest of easy runs. 🙂 I like that. At a few points during this run my pace dropped and I have no idea why. It may be due to strong wind gusts or just not paying attention. Other than that this was a good run.

Tuesday tempo intervals
These intervals were difficult but not too much. I felt strong throughout and enjoyed the run.

Wednesday easy/recovery run
I felt surprisingly strong through this run, stronger than I usually feel. I purposefully didn’t look at my pace which ended up being a little slower than I expected but not too much.

Thursday stationary bike
This is a decent ride. I felt strong. Mom still got about half a mile farther than me. 🙂 Maybe after the marathon I can work on increasing my cycling speed.

Friday short, fast tempo
Thus tempo run was short but challenging. I really enjoyed it. I felt strong throughout.

Saturday long run with marathon pace finish
I didn’t feel quite as peppy that morning. Thanks to the rain I ran inside on the new treadmill which required a bit of adjustment. During the last 50 minutes at race pace I had to stop twice, once to refill my water bottle and once to catch my breath. The inside heat was getting to me. This wasn’t my favorite run but the last long run is done. Next stop? Rome!

Sunday rest
With plenty to get done before the trip, rest has not been a problem. Rest from exercise that is, of course.


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