A Recovery Week of Training

I have yet to decide if I’m going to label the weekly recaps that I will publish this summer since I have a few goal races (short and speedy) this season. (Post to come.) As it is, I’m going to consider the past week the last week of marathon recovery and will be diving back into training in the coming week.

I’ve never taken quite this long to recover from a marathon but judging by how good I feel by the end of the week I know that it was the right thing to do.

Monday easy run
This run was nice and easy, like prescribed. The inner thigh thing didn’t bother me. I was wary pretty much the whole time but thankfully it was on its way out.

Tuesday easy run with 3 moderate intervals at end
This run felt great, first one since the marathon. I felt strong throughout even on the moderate effort intervals at the end.

Wednesday easy run
I definitely felt the previous 2 days running. I felt good though. This run was nice and easy like prescribed, nothing extraordinary.

Thursday stationary bike
This ride went well. I loved the new bikes. It’s pleasant when the equipment works like it should. The time did not pass as quickly as normal since I chose a podcast instead of reading a magazine or watching something on Hulu. Still, overall I felt great.

Friday easy run with 3 moderate intervals near end
This run went a little different than planned thanks to a sudden rainshower in the last two or three minutes of the run. I felt great during that final sprint. 🙂 Otherwise, I think it’s ridiculous that it’s 70° with over 70% humidity in April.

Saturday long run
This run was amazing. It did take a little while, about 10 minutes or so, to get going at the start. I also realized that I definitely should have put a little sunscreen on since there’s no shade on the route I chose. I should get into the habit of that. Beside a little additional heat thanks to the later start, the weather was almost perfect this morning. I loved the run and felt incredibly strong even at the end when I pushed the pace a little. I felt like I could have kept going for several more miles.

Sunday rest
I don’t mess around with rest. I filled the day with church and scrapbooking.


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