Summer 2015 Week 1 Training Recap

Even though the calendar says that it is still spring, I am titling this segment of training with the fairly generic “Summer 2015.” I have a few races sprinkled through the summer before I start marathon training again so it made sense to label the training with the time period rather than the race name.
Also…with all the rain that we’ve had lately I’m seriously hoping that it’s just an anomaly and not a forecast of what’s to come with the rest of the summer. I hate running through spider webs!

Monday easy run
This run went really well. We ran inside to avoid a potential repeat of last week (getting drenched with half a mile to go). This run was nice and easy as prescribed.

Tuesday fartlek run
I would have preferred go do this fartlek run outside but the heavy downpour kept me inside. My legs felt pretty sluggish for the first 10 or 15 minutes but I was able to settle in to a good pace after that and finish strong.

Wednesday recovery run
I was really looking forward to running outside today but the rain had other ideas for me. This run was nice and easy. I felt strong throughout.

Thursday stationary bike
This ride was good. I got the RPMs up a bit and enjoyed the little bit more mileage that I got. My left knee still protested when I sat up on the bike but it wasn’t a big deal because I stayed in the other position most of the time. (I am clearly not a cyclist. I have no idea what the position names are. 😊)

Friday really hard intervals
I knew this run would be tough when I saw it on the plan. I pushed to the limit on each interval even when I thought I couldn’t. This run was fun!

Saturday long run
I did not enjoy this run. There was not much left in my legs after Friday. On top of that, after about 30 minutes or so my left knee (and thigh-ish) felt weird for most of the rest of the run. It never hurt but I was definitely aware of it. I’m hoping that it’s nothing serious and that it’s just a combination of running long after pushing harder than I have in a while and that rest Sunday will take care of it.

Sunday rest
I took this rest very seriously just in case there is something going on with my left leg. I want to play this smartly.


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