Summer 2015 Week 2 Training Recap

I hope to write a post with the details of my goals for the “Summer of Speed” as well as my fall marathon goals. (The latter I can explain in two words: Chicago. BQ. I will elaborate more though.)

This week went rather well and ended with a decent performance in the TR Earth Day Run 10k on Saturday, especially considering that Rome is barely a month in the rearview mirror.

Monday easy run with some hill intervals
This run was a bit of a mental battle for me after the weirdness in my left knee on Saturday’s run. I thought I might have felt something occasionally but that may have just been the hypochondriac in me. Other than that I felt great. I got in the six hill intervals on the six hills (no more, no less) on my route. Hopefully Tuesday’s speed work will be less of a mental battle.

Tuesday tempo intervals
This run was much better mentally. No knee issues at all. These intervals were tough but seemed just a touch easier than last week’s. I finished strong and loved it.

Wednesday recovery run
This run was nice and easy. I felt strong throughout. (I have got to figure out different ways of saying that. I found s bit like a broken record. 😉)

Thursday stationary bike at gym
This ride is nice and easy with a little sprint at the end. I enjoyed it and also enjoy the fact that I got in the distance as well.

Friday easy run with a few moderately hard efforts
This run was nice and easy with a couple pickups, nothing too hard in advance of the 10k Saturday. I felt really strong throughout this run, got into a really good rhythm.

Saturday TR Earth Day Run 10k
I may have crashed and burned a bit towards the end but I still got not only the overall win but also a just over 1 minute PR. For a race originally intended to be just a race for April and to kickstart my Summer of Speed, I’ll take that.

Sunday rest
Not much to recap here.


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